In-spiring sight

In May the last levels of the scaffold on our spire were finally ‘struck’, or taken down. It reveals exactly what we had hoped for: a restored, beautified, and bold spire.

It’s something new that harks back to something very old. The last time All Saints’ would have shown itself so proudly would have been in 1882. Then, like now, the dark flint, would have contrasted with the creamed Cotswold stonework.

This has been a long-while coming. Even the works themselves have taken over a year. The planning began in 2014, as we got wind of the fact that the spire was not just tatty but dangerous.

Thanks to a great team effort from Wardens, parishioners and staff, it has come to fruition. Especial thanks must, though, be given to David Lane, our Treasurer, who in his own understated way has financially managed (and continues to do so) a project of phenomenal complexity, alongside the main parish financial strategy. I am hugely grateful to him as Vicar, as I am to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the many other trusts who have supported us. More on that very soon….


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